Do you target bass in Wales?

by David Proudfoot

In order to try and establish current stock levels of bass in Wales Roger Cook and scientists at Bangor University are carrying out a survey of angler’s catches.

If you do target bass or catch one as part of your general angling, please spare a little time to help by joining in the survey operation. The University fish scientist, Dr Giulia Cambiè, is doing research on Welsh sea fish and in particular the bass. They need anglers to record their catches this year, and to take some measurements and non-damaging samples to help with Guilia’s studies.

Roger has sampling kits with instructions for use so that measurements are taken in a standard way, and the biological samples taken can be used in the laboratory. With this data, Guilia will be analysing age, size and genetic connections of Welsh bass.

species ID bass

If you can also provide information on your previous catches that would help her construct an historic record of our recreational catches. For the purposes of the survey, it does not matter whether you keep the fish you catch or if you put some or all your bass back. The samples will not damage the fish, either for the table or for survival after release. Guilia is also developing web-based recording systems for angling catches and will be asking me to find volunteers to test these in the near future.

So please think about helping this research. It will take very little of your fishing time but will contribute to the understanding of Welsh bass. It will also contribute essential evidence for any proposals to improve management of bass for future generations to enjoy.

If you want more detailed information before deciding, you can phone Roger on 07968968753, anytime or contact him via email at or by post to Roger Cook, Cae’r Odyn, Rhoshendre, Waunfawr, Aberystwyth SY23 3PX

More details are available on the University website.

If you are ready to join in, please send the following information, as above, (that marked * is essential, the rest voluntary), and Roger will post you the kit and instructions.

*Your name:

*Postal address:



Area(s) you usually fish:

Do you mainly fish for bass?

How many bass have you caught in 2013 (to date):


2011 and before (yearly average):

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