Couches Bream Record Tops Alderney Festival

by David Proudfoot

Black bream and mullet had dominated the Alderney Fishing Festival this year, with many anglers opting to float fish there way to success. By mid-day Sunday many of the craftier anglers had got their eye in and it was all systems go. Sizeable mullet were making the running, the first of the black bream made the scoreboard and a very welcome Alderney record in the shape of a 2lb 14oz couches sea bream for local builder Gary Maurice.
couches bream
A mega pollack landed after some out of the box thinking saw Matt Smith on the leaderboard and the first of the huss showed. A cracking plaice of 4lb 8oz was caught on the inside of the Breakwater and then the first of eels. A beautiful wrasse which angler Pete Walker managed to return alive was weighed in at 6lb 8oz, fabulous fish!
Monday/Tuesday came and went with more fish added to the board including more golden greys, a triggerfish just shy of 3lb and now the competition was starting to shape up, the weather was great too, what more could we have wished for with 4 days to go? How about for the fishing to last? No such luck, as we came off the top of the tides so the fishing tapered off. While there were still specimens to be caught most anglers found it a struggle. Keith Quertiers magnificent sole of 4lb plus was the stand out catch of the second half of the week. The fishing derteriorated to such an exctent that anglers resorted to weighing in dogfish. And to cap it all the rain and wind returned.

The turn out was excellent given the economic climate, a respectable 109 anglers entered, matching the entry from the past few years. Good to see new faces entering too as we publicise the event, and hopefully they will be back next year.

Next year the dates are 2nd October till 9th. Tides will be building through out the week and no doubt we’ll be all back on the shoreline keen as mustard and dreaming of the one that got away this year.

Our thanks as always to our sponsors with out whom the Festival would struggle to run year after year. Their support is crucial and much appreciated.

Jack and Daphne Main – Lloyds TSB, Alderney Branch
Alderney Shipping – Tickled Pink Builders – Le Cocqs
Alderney Angling – Boardmans Chemists

Ballan Wrasse:

2nd Steve Mullins (CI) 6-5-2
1st Pete Walker (UK) 6-8-14

Thick Lipped Mullet:

5th Rod Entwistle (UK) 4-14-2
4th Matt Smith (CI) 4-15-8
3rd Steve Harder (UK) 5-2-4
2nd Sam Robins (CI) 5-4-14
1st Steve Mullins (CI) 5-6-0


3rd Alan Eastwood (CI) 5-0-6
2nd John Copeland (CI) 6-11-0
1st Colin Patch (CI) 7-2-12

Under 5lb:

5th Andy Hedger  (UK) LSD 1-14-0
4th Danny Le Merrer (CI) Scad 1-2-2
3rd Mark Plowman (UK) LSD 1-15-6
2nd Rick Ball (CI) LSD 2-1-6
1st Dave Mann (UK) Triggerfish 2-14-10

Couches Sea Bream: 1st Gary Maurice (CI) 2-14-12 NEW ALDERNEY RECORD


2nd Steve Mullins (CI) 26-8-0
1st Graham Le Gresley (CI) 33-8-0

Graham had another of 32-12-0

Over 5lb:

4th Matt Smith (CI) Pollack 8-3-12
3rd Pete Walker (UK) Bull Huss 9-1-12
2nd Caleb Zunino (CI) Bull Huss 9-11-6
1st Matt Pitter (UK) Bull Huss 9-13-12

Black Bream:

3rd Rod Entwistle (UK) 3-5-14
2nd Paul Wheaton (CI) 3-6-4
1st Barry Peel (UK) 3-8-2


2nd Alistair House (UK) Plaice 4-8-12
1st Keith Quertier (CI) Sole 4-0-8

Garfish/Mackerel: 1st Danny Le Merrer (CI) Garfish 1-3-10

Andy James Trophy (Best Cartilaginous fish): Rick Ball LSD 2-1-6

Bert Messam Plaice Trophy: Alistair House Plaice 4-8-12

Barbie Cosheril Trophy (Best Fish of Festival highest %): Gary Maurice Couches Sea Bream 2-14-12

Veterans Trophy: Pete Walker

Ladies Trophy: Not won
Herbie Pike Memorial Trophy (Best fish as voted for by committee individually): Alistair House Plaice 4-8-12

BEST UK ANGLER: Pete Walker 2 fish 142.85%

BEST CI ANGLER: Danny LeMerrer 3 fish 177.41%

BEST PAIR: Danny LeMerrer/ Steve Mullins 302.59%

BEST TEAM: Rock Rats – Danny LeMerrer/ Steve Mullins/Paul Bisson/Jack Gavey

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