Cod On The Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoWith Autumn on its way sea anglers fishing on the Lancashire coastline are starting to see a run of cod, nothing massive but good to see.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished their latest match at Five-Bar Gate where they found a good sea with plenty of colour in the water. There were a few fish but not the hoped for cod or bass, plenty small whiting caught.

25 anglers fished and most caught something.


1st Hughie Porter 1 thornback 1 smoothhound for 48½ points wins £50

2nd Dave Hutchinson 1 thornback for 43 points wins £30

3rd John Hodgson 1 thornback for 40 points wins £20

4th Ken Forrest 1 tope 1 smoothhound 1 whiting for 26 points

5th Andy Denton 1 tope 1 smoothhound for 21 points

6th Dave Hoyle 1 smoothhound 1whiting for 14½ points

Nice cod for Rick Thistleton

Nice cod for Rick Thistleton fishing low water at Five-Bar Gate

7th = Roy Slinger 4 whiting for 14 points

7th = Tim Wrigley 1 smoothie 1 whiting for 14 points

9th Dave Bancroft 1 sole for 12 points

10th = Simon Dawber 1 smoothhound 1 whiting for 11 points

10th = Kevin Blundell 2 whiting for 11 points

12th = Trevor Barnett 2 whiting for 9 points

12th = Alf Ingham 2 whiting 1 plaice for 9 points

No stand out baits today worm fished as well as anything.

Next week’s match is at Lytham fishing the tide down, hopefully the flounders will be feeding well.

Dave Brown pumped some worm, they weren’t the easiest, then headed up to Rosall to fish high tide. He started off sandblasted but luckily it poured down to wash all the sand off. However he was soon into fish ended up with eight codling, most around 40cm. With one better fish that he took home. He also managed a good whiting and a tope pup as well.

Dave with one of his cod

Dave with one of his cod

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